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Arranging a funeral can seem to be an overwhelming task, but we are here to support and guide you through the process. You can find information here about how to arrange the funeral, as well as information for coping with bereavement and creating a permanent memorial for a loved one.

What to do when someone dies

When you need to have a loved one removed from the place of death, you’ll need to contact us to transfer the deceased to our Chapel of Rest.

Depending upon the circumstances, various other parties must be immediately notified when someone dies, including the attending doctor, a coroner or medical examiner to officially pronounce the death. If the deceased was in a hospital or other care facility, this is typically arranged by the staff.

Registering a death

In order to register a death, you will first need to obtain a medical certificate from a GP/Doctor. You will need to register the death within five days. The following people are able to register a death:

  • a relative,
  • persons present at the death,
  • an administrator from the hospital,
  • any person duly authorized to make arrangements with the funeral directors

The next steps

If you need immediate assistance, our Funeral Services team are available outside of normal working hours on 01409 254256 or 07952 445587.