Organising a Funeral Service

There are several choices and decisions that need to be made when organising a funeral. Is a religious service required and, if so, of which denomination or faith? Or is a non-faith or Humanist celebration for the life of the deceased the preferred option?

What is to be the sequence of events on the day of the funeral? Is the burial or cremation to follow the funeral service? Or is there to be a Service of Thanksgiving to follow a cremation?

Are there chosen bearers for the day of the funeral? They may even be named in the deceased's Will, or Expression of Wishes. Or do you want us to arrange for the provision of bearers?

Are refreshments to be provided for the mourners, or all those attending the funeral, and if so, where and by whom?

At J E Stacey Funeral Services we will do our best to help you in explaining the choices which are available to you and help you to make all of the necessary decisions before finalising all of the arrangements.  

Choosing a venue

Where should the funeral service take place?

We will discuss the options with you, and make all of the necessary arrangements.

Funeral Hearse - Transportation


You will need to consider how the mourners will travel to the service.

We will provide a hearse for the transportation of the deceased to the funeral service. You may wish for us to arrange limousines for the mourning party to travel in to and from the service. Alternatively, you may prefer to arrange for your transport needs yourself. This is entirely your choice, but we will provide any assistance that you need.


Funeral Order of Service

Order of Service

This sets out the stages of the service in detail to help mourners to follow the service.

The Order of Service will include titles of music, hymns and readings, and often includes the full text of hymns and prayers, and perhaps a poem.

Obituaries, Donations and Flowers

Notifying friends of a loved ones passing can be done through an obituary.

An obituary is a way of communicating the loss of your loved one; it expresses the pain of their loss and the joy that their life brought to others. It can also convey whether flowers or donations would be welcome at the funeral.

If you need immediate assistance, our Funeral Services team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Holsworthy on: 01409 253555 or 01409 254256.